Friday, October 9, 2009

Impressive time

Today when my friend's wireless internet wasn't working, I was finally motivated to go out to see about reconnecting my own account.
I wasn't looking forward to it, being that I've had some unpleasant past experiences, and because I've gotten several calls in the last week about an outstanding bill--which isn't accurate information.
So I gathered up all my paperwork and headed out just after 2pm.
At the office the man remembered suspending my account for me two months back and he quickly went through the process of un-suspending it. He said it would be back up and working in two hours. We clarified the inaccuracy of the outstanding bill and I was on my way.
I stopped to buy a rice cooker--which should help while I wait for cooking gas--some napkins and tp, and I was home before 4pm. That's amazing fast for so many errands.
And what's really, really remarkable was that I had working internet by 4:12pm. Impressive.
Is it a good, fast connection? No, not really. It's taking forever just to post this.
It's still India, but a good day in India.

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