Saturday, October 18, 2014

16th avenue stairs

The AAA magazine suggested that I might want to see the artsy 16th Avenue stairs in San Francisco.
Yes, I decided, the AAA magazine was correct...and a theme was born:  The stair tour of San Francisco.
These are stairs that started the tour.

It was community clean up day and the stairs were covered in safety-vest-clad volunteers.  From the top there was a far-reaching view of city.
Also at the top was a friendly neighbor who told us the story of the stairs.

A woman who lives next door to them started the clean up efforts.  Then she organized donations to beautify stairs.  What came from that is a marvelous example of tile work and urban art.
Names of neighbors and donors are worked into the tile design, giving everyone a little piece of "ownership" in their neighborhood stairs. 

The friendly story-teller said that now people come from all over the world (I did) by the thousands every week just to see the stairs. 

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