Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Home delivery is my favorite

Why I love delivery...

Almost anything can be delivered here.
I love that.
I love that the vegetable man comes down my street, but I don't have to go down to him. I love that he will come up four flights of stairs and bring the tomatoes to me.
I love that I can order hummus from the mall and they will bring it across some serious traffic to get it to me.
I love that I have a collection of menus from restaurants who will bring dinner to my door.
I love that I can leave my ravioli at the grocery store and they will bring it to me--as long as I order some milk and crackers as well.
That's right.

I went to the grocery store after eating at a restaurant and--as required--left my "shopping bag" full of leftover ravioli in the care of the guard at the door.
And then I completely forgot it.
When I remembered it at 8:30pm, I called the store and asked them to deliver me some milk, a few crackers...and was my ravioli still there with the guard? Would they, please, bring that, too?
It took some convincing. They wanted to bring the order in the morning. But it happened. By 9:30pm, I had my milk, crackers and ravioli.

I love delivery.

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