Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cow on a pillar

The Kansas City Stockyards: where you'd come to buy and sell your cows. Where cows became beef.
The giant cow marks the spot.

Here's a little bit of history trivia for you today.
Sixteen railroad lines converged here in Kansas City because this is the place you wanted to be if beef was your line of business. Bring the cows, sell the cows, slaughter the cows, pack the meat, and ship 'em out again.

The reason I took note of the stockyard area is not only because there's a giant statue of a cow high above the tree line, but also because it's kind of horrifying compared to the holy cow-ness of India. I've not seen a cow on a pillar here, but I wouldn't be surprised to--and for entirely different and religious reasons.

The cow--to eat it or to worship it.

Actually, I suppose there are those in America who "worship" their steak, burgers, bbq ribs...

Cow on a pillar. Thought-provoking.

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