Monday, February 14, 2011

A twist on the classic image

This guy gave me a smile today.
He was dressed up as someone's Valentines' date and I thought I'd share the little details of his wardrobe and personal style.
He had the classic Indian handlebar mustache going on.
But nothing too extreme.

He had the pointy-toe shoes--also a classic.

And he had added his modern touches:
Instead of churidar, he had his striped socks.
Instead of a wide cummerbund and buckle, he wore a stylish pink tie and expensive-looking watch.
And instead of a knife carried at his side to give the image of "I'm-somewhat-dangerous", he had his ear pierced.

I know it's not the overall impression he was looking to make, but he was cute and it made me smile.


Leon said...

does your father approve of looking at cute guys?

l said...

What's he gonna do about it?