Monday, August 23, 2010

Flat tire fixed

Here's a new one: auto with a flat tire fixed while I wait beside the road.

Traffic can be harrowing--that's nothing new. So the other evening when I was out, my auto driver had to swerve to the edge of the road as another car pulled in front of us to make a left-hand turn.
Going off the road punctured the tire.
We pulled over and the driver got to work changing the tire.
"How long will it take?" I asked.
"Ten minutes."
"Ten minutes? For sure?"
"For sure, madame."
So I stood by the side of the road waiting for him to finish. I had ample opportunity to leave him there unpaid as many other auto drivers saw our predicament and wanted my business.
When it came time to lift the auto and remove the old tire, the driver hailed another auto and asked for help. Together they tipped the auto up and he propped it on its side to finish the job.
Sure enough, he was done in ten minutes and off we set again.
All in a day's adventure.


jackie said...

awesome. little guy would have loved that!

l said...

And he woulda been hard to keep out of the street. :)