Saturday, August 21, 2010

Commonwealth countdown

The Commonwealth Games are coming.
They've been coming for several years now. The countdown dealy says there are 43 days, 6 hours and some left before they begin.
And I am beginning to be excited about this. It's probably kind of crazy to be excited--it's going to turn the city upside down. It already has in so many ways: construction, construction everywhere.

Today I found this article about the tennis competitors from India. It contains an amusing phrase: "India's revolting tennis players". Ha ha. I think the newspaper editor should have paid better attention to that one.

I've been making plans to attend some of the events. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity, right?
Are you familiar with lawnbowling? Me neither. I might go check it out.
Otherwise, I'd like to see some of the diving and the track and field events.

They are coming. I'll let you know how it unfolds...

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