Monday, June 21, 2010


In case you are unimpressed by the number 112° F (or 44.4°C for my metric friends), here is some proof that the weather here is hot:
  • When I take the butter from the fridge and set it on the counter, it's already melted before I get out a knife and open the bread. My counter-top acts as a heating surface.
  • I have no cold water. Everything that comes from my pipes is hot. And in the kitchen it's hot enough to scald when I wash the dishes.
  • And the weightiest proof of all is that even I--I who am always cold and appreciate hot weather for the relief from winter that it is--think it's hot out.
I think that at this temperature, the eggs come out of the chickens already boiled.
Yes. It must be hot.


Anonymous said...

try cooking an egg on the counter or the balcony, see how long it takes

Anonymous said...

hmmm, instant hardboiled eggs!
I do not think I would enjoy such heat!