Monday, November 17, 2008

Thawing out

It snowed last week. I woke up and it was cold with no electricity or sunshine.

I wimped out and couldn't get out to teach. It was so cold inside that after trying to do a few things around the house before going to teach in the afternoon, I ended up back in bed under my down comforter. I couldn't come out. You're supposed to hibernate in the winter.

Later, I was relieved that it wasn't all in my head--I had a real sickness cold, not just an aversion to the cold outside.

Anyhow. The electricity that had gone off sometime in the night stayed off all day and all the next night. It returned just before noon the following day. Which is a relief because now my electric blanket and the hot water heater work.

The sun that also decided to shine today is another relief.

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