Sunday, May 25, 2014

Tonto natural bridge

Tonto natural bridge is a 400 ft long limestone cave that forms a bridge over a small creek.
Pictures really don't convey how big it is.
Or how slippery the rocks were when climbing on them.
Or how deep that quiet looking pool of water is.

It was while resting at this point I asked some questions of the park ranger nearby. 
I asked him if the park had changed much during his ten years working there.  He said, "Oh a lot," and I expect him to tell me how the water run off had shifted rocks or that some edge of the cave wall had fallen in.  "We built all new bathrooms this year and we lengthened the parking area.  All the picnic areas are new...." 
Not what I meant, Mr. Ranger.
Though, an hour or so later, I really was glad for those fully modern and updated bathrooms. 

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