Thursday, April 1, 2010

Auto strike

I went out this morning because I had an appointment. It was just before rush hour time, so I thought I'd have no trouble finding an auto and getting to my destination in 20 minutes or so.
Unbeknownst to me, the auto unions had called a 24 hour strike, making some very unrealistic demands.
I waited 30 minutes and then walked to the auto stand where I usually avoid asking because their prices are higher.
Higher, yes, and today: way higher. Three times the price!
"You are crazy," I told the driver.
He laughed and repeated what I said to the others.
"We're part of such and such auto union," he said.
Okay, great, I thought, and I told him what I was willing to pay and then walked away when they wouldn't take it.
Then I called the office where I had my appointment and asked if there was some reason autos were not running today.
Yes, there was a strike.
So I went back home and canceled my appointments for the day.
It's too bad, really, 'cause I imagine the roads are pretty good driving with 55,000 fewer vehicles crowding along them.

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