Friday, January 1, 2010

Tipping the trash collectors

Happy New Year.

That is not the greeting I was met with this morning when I opened my door.
"It's a new year, give us money," said the two trash collector's boys.
Expecting this, I handed them 10rs. They were dressed in what must be their best clothes and even had their hair combed.
The older boy looked at the 10rs, pocketed it and repeated, "It's a new year, and a new month."
Thinking he meant to pay him for the month of trash collection, I asked if he had change.
He said he did, but when I handed him 100rs, he said, "This is good for the month. 50rs for the month, and 50rs for the new year."
What! Is there now a set amount for "extra tipping"?
Ah they train these children well for conniving me out of my money.
But seriously, I pay so little for the service of having my trash collected from the door every morning, how can I miss 50--no 60--rupees?

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