Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Unexpected wheels

My friend and I were walking along the beach and I wondered aloud how close the boat coming our way would be able to get to the shore before the people getting out would have to get wet.
"Oh, it's expected to get wet in a boat that small size," replied my friend.
As the boat came closer, it didn't slow down and I began to wonder aloud how it planned to unbeach itself after landing at that speed, but what came out was: "How will they--it has wheels!"
The boat didn't slow down at all--or ever intend to land. It transformed before us into a strange looking truck which drove right up onto the beach.
There were men waiting for it who unloaded the cargo from the boat truck and filled it again with new cargo.
Then the truck drove into the sea and floated away again.
Very unexpected.

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