Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lost parking pass

I went with my two roommates to a movie and we took their motorbikes. When you enter the parking lot, you have to take a parking pass. It's not to pay anything, but to make sure your bike is secure. If you loose it, though, there's a $3 fine.

Well, Roommate#1 misplaced her parking pass, couldn't remember where she put it or maybe dropped it in the parking lot. It was gone.

So when we left, Roommate#2 volunteered to pretend it was her who lost the pass and to try to get out of the fine. But it wasn't quite that easy.

There was a form that had to be filled out with passport and driver's license information and registration.
Bad news: Roommate#2 didn't have any of that along!
So Roommate#1 handed over hers to the guard.

Then he wanted a phone number.
More bad news: Roommate#2 didn't know her number and didn't have her phone along.
Roommate#3 (that'd be me) didn't have hers along either.
So Roommate#1 went to get her phone and look up her number, but her battery was dead! It died right there in front of the guard.
No phone number for him.

Did we have the money for the fine? Yes, that Roommate#1 could provide.

So, yeah, it's a somewhat serious thing to loose your parking pass at the mall.
But if you think about it, it was just a silly little piece of paper, so we shouldn't have been treated too harshly, which we weren't. But we didn't have anything the guards needed to keep track of us if we were stealing a motorbike. :)

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